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The Kansas State Firefighters Association (KSFFA)  was established in 1887 and has continued to be a local fire department's best and most reliable resource for establishing and maintaining safety, professionalism and preparedness. Through services provided by the Association, member departments are enabled to provide a high degree of skill and efficiency in the emergency response services they provide in the communities in Kansas.

The Association encourages the continued education of firefighters so they may perform with the latest knowledge, techniques and safety practices. The KSFFA works to promote unity in the fire service with the knowledge that an informed and united fire service can be powerful and successful in their endeavors.

The KSFFA today stands stronger than ever in commitment, in membership and in dedication.

Recruitment and Retention SAFER grant

Kansas State Firefighters Association Awarded $518,400 Grant  

The Kansas State Firefighters Association has been awarded a grant from the United States Department of Homeland Security in the amount of $518,400. The money will be used over a four year period to recruit and retain volunteer firefighters in Kansas.  

Many Kansas fire departments are struggling to maintain their numbers of volunteers, said Andy Moffitt, President of the Kansas State Firefighters Association (KSFFA). This directly affects the safety of each and every Kansan.

The grant, awarded under the Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) program, will allow the KSFFA to develop a marketing program aimed at both recruiting new volunteer firefighters across the state as well as retain existing volunteers. The KSFFA intends to produce a video for distribution to all fire departments in the state aimed at the volunteer's role in the Kansas fire service and how viewers can locate those volunteer opportunities in their community. In addition several 30 second television and radio spots will be produced and aired statewide along with the production of handouts for local volunteer departments. A marketing and recruitment coordinator or coordinators will be hired to oversee the process according to the application.

President Moffitt said that "The association knows of several departments in Kansas that simply cannot field a two person firefighting team at various times to get a fire truck out the bay doors of the fire station. If the fire truck stays in the bay it is a worthless piece of equipment. If the fire truck stays in the bay it can do nothing to protect the people of the community. Even in those communities that can field a crew, we find that the manpower is limited - so limited that they cannot properly respond in accordance with the applicable NFPA standards - so limited that they cannot make entry to rescue trapped persons and so limited that proper 2 in, 2 out rules cannot be followed. This is a risk to the community, but it is also a risk to firefighters."

The Kansas State Firefighters Association currently participates in the 1-800-FIRELINE program which is sponsored by the National Volunteer Fire Council. A person who wants to volunteer their time with a local fire department can either contact their local fire department directly or they can call the 1-800-FIRELINE number and the KSFFA can connect the person with their local fire department.


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